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TradeNote is an all-in-one solution for tracking the market. It allows you to take notes, set reminders, and much more right from your MetaTrader 4 charts. Use it as a notebook, watch list, trade journal, and more without ever having to switch between programs. There is a common conception that the secret to trading success is your strategy. This is only half true. In fact, the majority of strategies actually work, but traders fail to execute them properly. They miss trades. They forget their trade plan or don't have one at all. They forget why they took a trade in the first place. Lack of organization is the real reason why two traders trading the exact same strategy often experience vastly different results. Stop wasting your time switching between the 2 billion+ trade strategies in existence. Pick one or two good strategies that make sense to you, have good risk-to-reward ratios, and aren't overly complex. Then, you will be able to focus on mastering your strategy through consistency and practice. Taking notes about current market conditions, developing patterns, the trades you've taken, etc. will help you stay on track. Moreover, this can help you figure out what you are doing wrong. You might even consider "comparing notes" with a fellow trader using the same strategy.   This product has its own dedicated site. Please visit the TradeNote site for more information.

Chart Object Removal Script

This script can be used to remove certain chart objects given an object name prefix or it can be used to remove all the object on a chart. Many indicators, scripts, and expert advisors that create chart objects use some kind of structured naming (usually a prefix). For example, let's say you have ...

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MT4 Floating Charts

MT4 Floating Charts unlocks the full potential of Metatrader 4, with multi-monitor support (capability to detach chart windows) and other charting enhancements.
  • Multimonitor support - undock charts and move them across multiple monitors
  • Saves the last location of your charts for easy setup on MT4 or computer restart
  • Allows you to snap charts to equal screen corners (quadrants) with one click
  • On-chart quick access toolbar
  • Free bonus - MT4 News Reader allows you to view economic releases right on your charts in real-time
This product has its own dedicated site, please visit the MT4 Floating Charts site for more information.  
QuickGap Indicator

Displays the weekly gap statistics on the left hand corner of a chart. The market gap between Friday close and Sunday open is expressed in pips. The current spread (in pips) and the net gap (gap - spread) are also displayed. Best used in the FOREX market. Time is critical when it comes to tradi...

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Modified Bollinger Bands
Very simple modification to the standard bollinger bands indicator, removing the moving average (middle line), leaving only the outer bands of support/resistance.
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Live Risk Management
Stop hassling with spreadsheets! Quickly calculate lot size based on risk % and the risk-to-reward ratio for a trade from inside the MT4 platform.
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Horizontal Line Drawer

This script will execute once on the currently selected chart. It draws horizontal lines at the price levels you manually enter. You can select the line name, line type (e.g. 0 = solid,  1 = dashed, etc.), line color, and line width (note that for dashed lines, width must = 1). You can enter mult...

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Elliott Wave EW Easy Counter
Forget the text! Wave counts with the click of a mouse ... Automatic wave tracking and virtually "unlimited" cycles. Easily delete your old wave counts with the one-click cleanup script ...
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Auto Fibo Retracement

The Auto Fibo Retracement indicator draws a Fibonacci retracement and optionally, the retraced and/or unretraced zone automatically on your chart. The retracement and un/retraced zones can update automatically during a live candle (default setting) or they can wait for the candle close. The retrac...

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