Free Programs for MetaTrader 4

Enhance your trading experience on MetaTrader 4 by adding our mostly free programs to your tool box.

  • TradeNote
    TradeNote is an all-in-one solution for tracking the market. It allows you to take notes, set remind [...]
  • Chart Object Removal Script
    Quickly enter multiple precise price levels to be automatically drawn on a MT4 chart and optionally, [...]
  • Live Risk Management
    Quickly calculate lot size based on risk % and the risk-to-reward ratio for a trade from inside the [...]
  • MT4 Floating Charts
    MT4 Floating Charts unlocks the full potential of Metatrader 4, with multi-monitor support (capabili [...]
  • Elliott Wave Easy Counter
    Drag n' drop wave labels with ease. This script internally tracks your wave counts and automatically [...]