Educational resources and services for FOREX traders.

Oct 13, 2012

CompassFX Videos/Commentaries

CompassFX provides some interesting FOREX videos and commentaries. Not sure we would buy into any of their techniques that use an indicator or other tool that you have to purchase from them, but besides that, there are some interesting takes on common methods and patterns.
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FXDD Trading Webinars

FXDD provides some useful training videos. Better suited for traders just starting out (in our opinion) as the training tends to be more foundational, such as introduction to technical tools and how to draw Fibonacci retracements and trend lines …

Forex Mentor Pro

Not only is this one of the most inexpensive forex education services on the market, they provide excellent value to their customers. No matter what type of trader you are – a long term trader, position trader, day trader, or scalper, these guys have a strategy that fits your style! Not only do you receive […]
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Trading Naked

Trading Naked is an extremely valuable resource, offering a complete wealth of free information. Check out their large directory of various trading topics at the Trading Naked Article Directory and trade setups directory.
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