Learn more about how to maximize your experience on the MetaTrader 4 platform (aka MT4).

Oct 13, 2012

Contract or expand a chart vertically (adjust the vertical scale)

Mouse over the right hand side of the chart where the prices are displayed until a message appears that says “Vertical Scale.” Then click, hold, and adjust the scale by moving the mouse up (to expand) or down (to contract). Video demo to follow… UPDATE (10/22/2012): Short video demonstration at http://youtu.be/YhWWk9PSIDI
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MetaTrader 4 handy hot keys

F9 – Opens the order window F8 – Opens the chart Properties window F7 – Opens the properties window for an expert advisor on the currently selected chart (if an EA exists on it) F6 – Opens the strategy tester CTRL + F5 – Switch to next profile SHIFT + F5 – Switch to previous […]
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Restore an accidentally closed chart in MetaTrader 4

If you ever accidentally close a chart or wish to re-open a chart you closed, go to File->Open Deleted and you will see a list of recently closed charts that you can restore.  
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How to set hot keys for indicators, expert advisors, and scripts in MT4

Setting hot keys allows you to easily access indicators, expert advisors, and scripts. To set a hot key, open the navigator window. In this window, you should see your expert advisors, indicators, custom indicators, and scripts —> right click on an EA, indicator, or script and scroll down to “Set Hotkey.” Just follow the prompts […]
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Duplicate a trendline to make perfect channels in MT4

Rather than using the Equidistant trendline tool, you can create a parallel trend line channel by selecting a regular trend line and holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard. The trend line will be copied and you can then drag it up or down to make a trendline channel with parallel lines.

How to create a default chart setup in MetaTrader 4

By saving a template with the name Default (Default.tpl or default.tpl), every time you open a new chart, MT4 will automatically use the template named “Default.” To do this, create your preferred chart (e.g. color, indicators, etc.), then right click the chart and scroll down to “Template,” then “Save Template.” The Save As box should […]