Oct 13, 2012

How to set hot keys for indicators, expert advisors, and scripts in MT4

Setting hot keys allows you to easily access indicators, expert advisors, and scripts. To set a hot key, open the navigator window. In this window, you should see your expert advisors, indicators, custom indicators, and scripts —> right click on an EA, indicator, or script and scroll down to “Set Hotkey.” Just follow the prompts after that to set it. Now for example, to attach an RSI to your chart, you can just press ctrl + R or whatever you selected as the hot key. However, do be careful if it is an execution script … I once had a script to quickly close orders and I set the hot key to ctrl + C. When I tried to copy and paste something using ctrl + C, I accidentally closed a perfectly good open trade … I should’ve used alt + C or something else …

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